mozilla and ximian

If this is not the correct list, my apologies.

mozilla-0.8.1 from ximian runs as root, will not run as a normal user. 

'mozilla' in a term gives:

/usr/bin/mozilla: line 111:  3131 Segmentation fault      $MOZ_PROGRAM
-remote "openurl(about:blank,new-window)" 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
Segmentation fault

'mozilla' gives: 
/usr/bin/mozilla: line 152:  3176 Segmentation fault      $MOZ_PROGRAM
-remote "openurl($opt)" 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
Error sending command.

'sudo mozilla' runs, uses the USER/.mozilla directory.  I tested this by
selecting different home pages as root and a user.

Needless to say, nautilus fails to load pages, with the error message 'The
Web Page view encountered an error and can't continue.  You can choose
another view or go to a different location.'

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