Re: Question re: evolution/nautilus

I'm currently able to use the snapshot of evolution with the nautilus
provided in the gnome 1.4beta channel successfully.  The only thing I
had to do was use the gnome 1.4beta gnome-vfs and gnome-vfs-devel
packages, otherwise I'm using all of the evolution snapshot channel and
all of the gnome 1.4beta channel.  This is on a RedHat 7.0 i686 system.

On 07 Mar 2001 12:12:06 -0600, Bob Tanner wrote:
> Quoting John Sullivan (sullivan eazel com):
> > The compatibility problems have been caused by frequent changes to the Bonobo
> > API, which both use. Now that the Bonobo API is stable, these compatibility
> > problems should be rare or absent.
> The snapshot available from Redcarpet do not work together.
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