Re: Lost of Helixgnome 1.2 panel

Deleting root's .gnome directory will work, but you will lose all the setting
you ever had for Gnome, and is far more destructive than what you need to do.
All you really need to do is log in as root, open a terminal window, type
"panel &" (without the quotes) and then choose to save your session when you
logout.  That will cause gnome to remember that user root wants a panel
running and will put when up each time you log in as root.

As usual, you should try to avoid logging in as root as much as possible.  You
could always log in as yourself, then 'su' to root, or use something like sudo
to give yourself root power only when needed.  Logging in as root is usually
equivalent to using a chainsaw as a can opener.  Sure it might work Ok, but
when something goes wrong, it goes REALLY wrong!

"Kevin D. Knerr, Sr." wrote:

> On 24 Feb, Jim Hill wrote:
> > Earlier today I logged on as root (to do some housekeeping), and by
> > using the delete key once too often to delete an applet, I managed
> > to delete the gnome panel (the one that runs along the bottom of the
> > screen that has the Gnome (foot) menu, quick launchers, task list,
> > and desk guide)).
> > I still have the fast access panel? along the top of the screen.
> > I am using Mandrake 7.1 with the Helix Gnome 1.2
> >
> > If I log in as a user the gnome panel (along the bottom) is still there.
> >
> > How do I restore the gnome panel (along the bottom) as root?  I hope
> > this does not involve a reinstall of gnome.
> The simplest way to have GNOME return to the default setup is to rename
> ~/.gnome (perhaps to ~/.gnome.old). GNOME will then happily restore the
> default setup. You can then copy/edit to match any modifications from
> the .gnome.old to the new .gnome
> For that matter, if your root panels are identical to your regular user
> panels, just copy the subdirectory ~/.gnome/panel.d/default. (Don't
> forget to verify the ownership/perms.)
> Barthel
> P.S. I periodically tar a copy of ~/.gnome/panel.d/default. That way, if
> something gets corrupted (especially applet settings) I can simply untar
> my most recent backup and return to that setup. (However, I do rely on
> this backup far less often, thanks to the new applet restart dialog . .
> . Yay!)
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