New user questions.

Hi all, I have several newbie questions that I'd you to reply:
First of all, consider I'm using GNOME 1.4 downloaded form SUN on a Solaris 8 intel machine with a PIII processor with 128 Mb of RAM.
Here comes the 1st:
- I installed gnome desktop and everything was right and working properly but the secondary button of the mouse who didn´t worked. I started to play with the desk and added lots of applets to the panels which I couldn't remove because of the lack of a right button (and also lack of knowledge ;-) ) so I decided to remove it and re-install again. I removed it with the assistant, and then manually deleted the hidden directories and files. Ok, the problem comes now, I re-installed again, and things are not so good: It seems to work fine, but some applications do not run, for example the UNIX terminal, Gedit... It is strange because they try to start, appear at the bottom panel with the hourglass but then finish without a visible error... just dissapear. Other apps like Xterm, Netscape, emacs... work fine. So ¿why don't they work? ¿what's happening?...
Now the 2nd:
- How can I have a right button on my mouse? If I start with CDE the button works so it wold have to be the same at GNOME...
And finally the 3rd:
- I have installed StarOffice 5.2 which is integrated in the CDE automatically but, how can I run it from GNOME?
Thanks all, regards
Sergio Gallego Martínez
sgmartin digi-sign-p com
Digital Sign Products
Avda. Mediterráneo Nº9
Madrid, España

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