Re: What's your most frequent manipulative-behavious in Linux ??

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 12:51:46PM -0200 or thereabouts, Lemmit Toomet wrote:
> Ctrl-F1 .. F4 - switch workspaces
> Ctrl-PageUp - Maximize window
> Ctrl-PageDown - Minimize Window
> Ctrl-UpArrow - move mouse cursor up
> Ctrl-RightArrow - you get the idea
> Alt-F1 - launch gnome-terminal
> Alt-F2 - Show the gnome system menu (programs, etc)
> Alt-F3 - Show the gnome launcher (where you type in command name)
> A strange key with Windows logo - Move Window interactively

Is this list your preferred list, or what they do now? They certainly
don't for me :) 
> If anyone knows how to get moouse clicks from keyboard, I'd deeply
> appreciate.

If I understand what you're asking, then I think this is one answer:

It's covered in X by the Xkb extensions which I do -not- understand,
but it's there. The best guide I saw to them was in the user 
documentation for WindowMaker, in the README file that gets unpacked
into /usr/(local/)(share/)doc/WindowMaker-versionnumber/

Look for "Keyboard Mouse Control" in it, and you'll get this:

    Many people ask about adding keyboard control of mouse, like in fvwm,
    but Window Maker will not have such feature. The XKB extension 
    supports mouse simulation from the keyboard, in a much more powerfull 
    fashion than any simulation done by a window manager. 

    To enable it, hit the Control+Shift+NumLock or Shift+NumLock key 
    combination. You should hear the speaker beeping. To disable it, 
    do the same thing.

    To control the mouse the numeric keypad is used as follows:
    - 4 (left arrow), 7 (Home), 8 (up arrow), 9 (PgUp), 6 (right arrow), 
    3 (PgDn), 2 (down arrow) and 1 (End) move the mouse to the 
    corresponding direction;
    - holding one of the above keys and then holding the 5 key will 
    move the pointer faster;
    - / will select the first mouse button (left button);
    - * will select the second mouse button (middle button);
    - - will select the third mouse button (right button);
    - 5 will do a click with the currently selected mouse button;
    - + will do a double-click with the currently selected button;
    - 0 (Ins) will click and hold the currently selected button;
    - . (Del) will release the currently selected button that was previously
    clicked with the 0 (Ins) key.

I don't get a beep when I enable it. But I get it working. When you
have drowned your mouse with coffee and need to save some work -before-
killing X and investigating the damage, you will find these extremely


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