Re: RedHat 7.1 Gnome.

Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:

bfrantzdale hmc edu (2001-06-08 at 1516.59 -0400):

How do I stop GNOME from coming up every time my system boots? I can't even
logoff without bringing up the GNOME Login screen?

You mean you want the computer to boot to the console rather than to an
XWindows login?

If so, the next is partially wrong:

To do that run ``telinit 3'' as root.
(telinit 5 will restore the behavior. Look at the telinit manpage for

telinit is for this bootup. To make it permanent, edit as root the
file /etc/inittab and change the line "id:5:initdefault:" to
"id:3:initdefault:" (change the 5 to 3, easy). Or use one of the
config tools to change the default run level (I dunno which one).

Also he can jump to text consoles with Alt+Ctr+F# where # is a number
from 1 to 6 (and 7 to go back to graphic mode, at least in default

Or is he talking about autologin?

If you are talking about booting to the console, there is another easy way to make the change. Since you have Red Hat, you probably also have Linuxconf, so, quoting from the Gnome FAQ: "As root in an xterm type 'linuxconf'. When it comes up go to Config->boot mode->Mode->default boot mode and click on it. Select the Text mode & Network button and 'Accept'. This certainly works on Red Hat 6.2, as does the reverse (selecting Graphic & Network to start booting into GNOME)."


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