Re: RedHat 7.1 Gnome.

bfrantzdale hmc edu (2001-06-08 at 1516.59 -0400):
> > How do I stop GNOME from coming up every time my system boots? I can't even
> > logoff without bringing up the GNOME Login screen?
> You mean you want the computer to boot to the console rather than to an
> XWindows login?

If so, the next is partially wrong:

> To do that run ``telinit 3'' as root.
> (telinit 5 will restore the behavior. Look at the telinit manpage for
> details.)

telinit is for this bootup. To make it permanent, edit as root the
file /etc/inittab and change the line "id:5:initdefault:" to
"id:3:initdefault:" (change the 5 to 3, easy). Or use one of the
config tools to change the default run level (I dunno which one).

Also he can jump to text consoles with Alt+Ctr+F# where # is a number
from 1 to 6 (and 7 to go back to graphic mode, at least in default

Or is he talking about autologin?


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