Re: sound gone in parts....

On 05 Jun 2001 10:03:22 -0700, lee wrote:
> seems as though trying to play a "bad" CD that i burned has messed up my
> system sounds in that they aren't cd's are fine but say
> system sounds aren't working.....
> also realplayer 8 says cannot open audio device that another device may be
> using it...
> something has happened i'm just not sure where to look....

First of all, there is basicly (as far as I know) no way that a bad
audio CD could have messed up your audio settings.

Check to see if ESD is running (ps aux|grep esd) If it is, make sure
that RealPlayer is setup to use it (In RealPlayer's settings).

Also, try killing ESD (killall esd) and then restarting it (esd &). ESD
should make some beeps when it starts up. If it does, sound should be
working properly.


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