Re: focus/clicks

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 12:16:42PM -0700 or thereabouts, lee wrote:
> > > i tried everything in settings control panel first with sawfish and
> > > nothing worked....
> >
> > Did you tried the "does click-to-focus pass the click" option (Sawfish
> > Config / Focus)? IIRC the default config does not use that or there
> > was a collision with default bindings.
>   i tried that but it still has issues with focus.....enlightenment
> doesn't do it at all not that I can tell "yet" <g>........
> but in enlightenment i have some issues with "some" window position/size
> being remembered  it seems.....willing to provide any de-bugging info as
> always

Telsa's theory of window managers: 

Most window managers have tons of features. 
Most people only use a few bits of their window manager extensively.
They all have the same number of bugs. 
The bugs are in different places in different window managers. 

Therefore, find the window manager where all the bugs are in the
bits of the program you don't use :)

(For example, I'm sure that wmaker has some bugs somewhere, but they 
don't show up in the bits of it I use.)



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