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Hi Laurent,
The problem with running Ximian on a Debian system is that Ximian
doesn't do a very good job of packaging.  I've had so many problems with
there packages breaking by box that I've since dropped them altogether
and now just use the the gnome stuff that the Debian project
distributes.  The really great thing (or one of them) about Debian is
that it follows a very strict packaging standard.  Ximian has a looser
more Red Hatish idea of packaging that gets them into trouble (a lot). 
Don't get me wrong, Ximian writes some great software, but IMO it's
better to let a Debanist package it up for you.  


Laurent Rathle wrote:
> Hello,
> First since I'm new on the list, I introduce myself. I'm a french guy from
> Paris trying to install Gnome on a debian. I'm doing activities in a LUG and
> I'm doing sometimes translations for KDE :-)
> My question :
> I've tried to install gnome-games. At the end of the install process, I've
> got this message :
> Parametrage de gnome-games ( ...
> /var/lib/dpkg/info/gnome-games.postinst: scrollkeeper-update: command not
> found
> dpkg: erreur de traitement de gnome-games (--configure):
>  le sous-processus post-installation script a retourne une erreur de sortie
> d'etat 127
> Des erreurs ont ete rencontrees pendant l'execution :
>  gnome-games
> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
> How can I fix this ? I can't find scrollkeeper-update, and I can't install
> task-ximian-gnome whithout this.
> thank you
> --
> Laurent Rathle
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