ANNOUNCE: gnome-utils the "Goat bladders" release


Oh no, brace yourself for another release of that set of disparate things
that belong nowhere else, now with fewer crashes and few more features to

What is gnome-utils?  Well as the name would suggest these are GNOME
utilities.  They're the stupid little programs that are part of every
desktop.  And some that aren't part of every desktop.

Hopefully over the next few months there will be some UI cleanup of things
and some new useful proggies added, there are many things that we are still
missing in terms of stupid little utilities.  So everyone think of them and
get coding ...

So what's new in this release:

	* Simple man pages for all executables. (Jochen Voss)
	* Translation updates. ("R.I.P. Deaddog", Christian Rose, Ole Laursen,
          Andras Timar, Takayuki KUSANO, Kjartan Maraas)

	* Keypad without numlock support, and some more keyboard
	  navigation foo. (George)
	* Analog mode directly snarfed from X11R3. (jwz)

	* Miscellaneous minor fixes from bugzilla. (George)

	* Some compile fixes. (Kjartan Maraas)
	* Spanish documentation. (Manuel de Vega Barreiro)

	* Spanish documentation. (Manuel de Vega Barreiro)

	* Look in /sbin and /usr/sbin for commands regardless of PATH. (George)

	* Add exporting of current status to a tab delimited spreadsheet file.

	* Fix crash on removing last entry. (George)

	* Fix list geometry issues. (George)
	* Fix the 32bit w/ sync mode reporting. (George)

	* Some message fixes. (George)
	* Better reading of internationalized logs. (George)
	* Display dates in correct locale specific settings. (George)

	* Add a 'add file or folder' menu item and some fixes. (George)
	* Various fixes. (George)
	* Add tooltips. (George)

	* Many crash and warning fixes. (John Kodis)
	* Tickmark and indicator draw fixes. (John Kodis)
	* Calls the correct helpfile. (John Kodis)
	* Handle very small numbers correctly. (John Kodis)
	* Autosizing (shrinking) of window works. (John Kodis)
	* Add a .gnorba file to make the applet work again. (George)

So where to get this thing?
(you might have to wait for your local mirror to update)

RPM is available at:


The gnome-utils dudes

George <jirka 5z com>
   If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be - a Christian.
                       -- Mark Twain

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