Re: Nautilus Memory Consumption

> The fact that the size, RSS, shared memory and percentage of memory used
> are all the same is about the only way that you can tell from 'top' that
> in fact, despite the different PIDs (the process identification numbers),
> they're all the same program, showing up repeatedly! And they're all using
> the same 30M of memory. Of those 30M, 11 are for shared memory, means that
> any other programs requiring particular libraries will be using those
> too. GNOME uses a -lot- of shared libraries. Subtract "share" from "rss"
> and you get how much that program is really using. 
> Btw, top (and gtop) was written before this thread stuff really started
> being heavily used in Linux. (Dunno about on other UNIXen.) I am sure
> someone will figure out a way to make the GUI apps make this clearer.
> I do hope so. Otherwise I have to work out how to explain this in the
> gtop docs :)

Procman, which is hoped to be a replacement to gtop, does this. I used
pretty much the same method of determining whether the process is a
thread as you did by seeing if the process has the same name and same
memory usage. Procman defaults to not showing the threads at all in
hopes that these kinds of questions won't be asked again. Otherwise the
string "thread" is appended to the process name. You can see it in
action here:


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