Re: Nautilus Memory Consumption

>I've got a question regarding to memory consumption:
>When I start my Ximian Gnome Session, Nautilus is started for my
>When I look at its memory consumption (using the Gnome system monitor),
>it shows me 11 processes with a total consumption of 157168 Kb !
>A normal session (nauilus, evolution, mozilla) uses 580 000 kB !
>Is this memory shared in some way or used physically in total ?

Yes,  very much so.  All library code is shared for one.  The binary
text of the executable is shares across instances as well.

>If it is shared, who can I measure the "real" consumption ?

It actually is quite difficult.  Threads of the same process show up
under Linux as seperate PIDs multiplying the about of memory used that
is REPORTED.  For example, say galeon is using 10Mb,  but has 4 threads,
galeon will be reported as using 40Mb,  at least under every tool I have

Basic rule for me is,  if I'm swapping add more memory.

>Another question; When I start my session, gmc is started as well. 
>Can I avoid this ? (Note, that it does not appear in Session properties)

I also would love to know the mechanics of what gets started: nautilus
or gmc.  And how to control this mechanism.

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