Re: Specifying session at startup?


Well at the moment, the functionality is sadly lacking in GNOME 
[cough, cough] but the session manager can now support named 
sessions. For instance, you can set up your applications to 
appear when you log in. You can create new sesssions as well.
gnome-session support the argument --choose-session=ARG
where ARG is your named session. If it doesn't exist, then it will
create a new session from /usr/share/gnome/default.session [for 
example]. To utilize this it is more helpful to make sure that
automatic saving of the session is off. You can also use the 
session-properties-capplet to choose sessions, edit session
names and delete sessions.

Actually, come to think of it, GDM is the saviour here. It supports
a session chooser [if you like graphical login managers]. Sadly
nothing else as yet supports multi-session configuration...


I'm currently hacking on the panel code to have multi-session 
configuration, which is probably right up your street. After that
I'll tackle the rest of the capplets [or those that make sense
anyway]. Hopefully the panel code will be finished real soon - 
I just have a few bugs to iron out. This will all be in CVS 
gnome-core HEAD if you want to try it out.

Anyway, enough babbling.

		Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you,
			Glynn ;)

Chip Olson wrote:
> Is there a way to set up two different Gnome configurations and
> sessions, and specify which one to invoke at startup? My situation is
> that I'm running Gnome both on my console and via VNC, and with the
> latter, I have to use a smaller resolution and no background image
> (the latter because VNC seems to be pig-slow about dealing with
> them). So I'd like to be able to specify at startup either "smaller
> screen, no background" or "larger screen, yes background", along with
> maybe a different set of apps as well.
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