Scrambled Menus in GNOME 1.4 in MDK 8.0


I am using Linux Mandrake 8.0 on a PIII 600 MHz workstation. The hard-disk
is 40 GB mounted on /dev/hdc and splitted into a / and a /home partitions.
I upgraded it from 7.2 and previosly from 7.1. The kernel is the standard
2.4.x MDK 8.0 kernel (I did not re-compile it nor had to for the time
being). I'll supply more information if needed, but I think it is enough.

The GNOME, XFree86, libc, etc are the same one that shipped with the
Mandrake 8.0 CDs, which I downloaded from the net. I don't remember
installing anything of particular significance.

My problem is that my GNOME menus are scrambled. That is, they display the
menus not in their alphabetical order, but in some undefined order. I'd
like them to be in Alphabetical order, but couldn't find how. The IceWM
and KDE menus display correctly, so something must be wrong with GNOME.

I tried running update-menus, menuDrake, and even messing with the menus
generation scripts. Nothing has worked so far.

I'd appreciate any advice that will help me solve this problem.


	Shlomi Fish

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