Re: floating fish, or am I crazy?

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001 at 11:34:36AM -0500 or thereabouts, Adrian Hosey wrote:
> Uh, help?
> Wanda the fish just floated in from the left side of my screen, bounced
> off the bottom of the display, and exited out the right side.
> By the time I ran and got my boss, she was gone, so of course he thinks
> I'm overstressed...
> Has anybody else seen this, or do I need to scrub out my coffee mug?

You are not crazy and do not need to scrub out the coffee mug. This 
was a "feature" which was triggered randomly with no way to stop it
happening in some versions of gnome-core (somewhere in the 1.4.x 
series). It was removed recently after too many "did someone crack
my box?", "wtf was _that_!?" and "my wanda wandered" occasions. So
when you upgrade to newer gnome-cores, it won't happen. 

Well, not randomly, at least. Knowing George, I am sure there will 
be a way to make it happen if you find the magic keystrokes. But it
won't Just Happen For No Apparent Reason. 


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