Re: Gnome login restarts gnome the first time I login.

jffernandez usuarios retecal es (2001-07-20 at 1804.06 +0200):
>  aclocal: 7 : macro 'AM_PROG_XML_I' not found in library
>  Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.60622 (%build)
>  What is happening? I am really lost with all this.

Probably you have not installed the xml headers (a "-devel" package).
When you are into building, better know what is going on or how to
discover it (ie, reading the specs, makefiles, configures...).

Why do not you just get this and install it:

Or get Red-Carpet, then update all you need. Also, can you connect to
IRC? Connect to and there we will be able to help in real
time in channels like #gnome or #gnome-help. Also, if using Ximian
there is monkey talk system (IRC simplified).


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