ANNOUNCE: Peacock 0.3 released!

Hello Everyone,

Yet another version of Peacock is out, Peacock 0.3 codenamed "school
rocks". Peacock is an HTML Editor for Gnome. It supports most of basic
HTML. Its features include MDI (using GnomeMDI), Drag N' Drop, Session
Management. And like many other such projects, its licensed under GPL.

Well its been almost an year since I started this project. Its going
really slow. I would label this version just a tiny winy bit _unstable_,
in the sense that I haven't it much. One thing to note is that I thought
of using GtkHTML for html previewing, and I haven't completed it. Other
wise as one can see, there are lotsa new things! Glade based dialogs
(I'm a big xml based devel tools fan). Give it a shot. You may like it.
I would also say that it has reached a feature freeze. Just implementing
the GtkHTML and Preferences and we will have Peacock 1.0 in the next 2-3

After that I plan to migrate to Gnome 2.0. Bonobo-ize it (the IN thing)
and then new features will come (I can't wait for all that hacking yet
to come!)

  *** ATTENTION ***
Since this is almost all the features we will be having for now, any
translators with free time on there hands, please submit .po files, and
any doc writers could please make a better manual.

    * MDI Support - You can open multiple files at once.
    * Session Management - All the files open in the last session are
    opened when you start again.
    * Couple of more HTML Toolbars.
    * Drag N' Drop - You can now drag your files into the editor to,
    obviously enough, open them.



Mailing Lists:
    peacock-general lists sourceforge net
    peacock-devel lists sourceforge net

Archit Baweja

"School does really rock!"
        -- Me.

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