Help!!! my machine hangs up after the gnome login window

Hello: I installed the IBMJDK (using rpm) and machine
won't boot up again. I think it did something to my
After the boot up process, it comes up with the login
prompt and waits there for little longer than it used
to before it goes to the GNOME Login window. When i
enter my username/passwd , it comes up with a window
saying "Looking up internet address for ravi_linux". I
have never seen this window. This goes on for a while
and then new window comes up titled Welcome to GNOME
and it freezes at Starting Gnome: Window Manager?

Since it waits for quite sometime after boot up at the
text login prompt, I managed to login for a few
seconds and do an rpm -erase IBM-JDK. That did not
help though I think it removed the JDK.
I think I have the following options
1. bring up linux in text mode. I think I need to edit
the /etc/inittab file. What number do I put there
instead of 6 for it to not startup the X-Window
And then try to figure what the problem is
2. If I am not able to figure whatz happening, login
in text mode and re-install the gnome? Do I need to
first remove the old gnome or can I just reinstall on
top of it?

Could somebody help me?


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