Re: Themes?

larrywyb larry yi org (2001-07-15 at 2058.23 +0000):
> Does gnome do themes?

Yes, metatheme, a theme handler for GNOME, is in the works (v 0.6,
IIRC). It handles for you, in one step, GTK+ theme (radio buttons,
scrollbars, etc), Sawfish theme (window borders and buttons), XMMS
skin (the multimedia player), Nautilus theme (the file manager),
background and maybe more.

If you can not wait for it, you can go to, or and get themes for
some parts. You will have to read the install intructions, and do it
per each item. OTOH, you can match any window decor to any widget
theme, and now, not when metatheme hits a usable release (aka it does
every detail and is secure). Old style has adventages, you can do
weird things... you will probably see weird things while you search
matching themes. Some weird combos are nice, but others are not. ;]

You can also create your own themes, or import themes from other
places (XMMS can use WinAmp themes, ie). For background you can use
any image you want (JPEG, PNG...), of course.

> And how do you change the desktop icons of the gnome file manager?

GMC or Nautilus? Dunno exactly (other than Nautilus has themes but no
much more than the default ones and that you can change icons one by
one), but you should specify for better replies. Distro version and
main apps version help to know what you have and how does it work. :]

Conclusion: yes, but currently not as global theme.


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