I got MDK8 info... kind of

see email below. Almost looks like they're not able to get
the job done. Don't like it at all. :(((

 Email:                                   parena parena net
 Website:                             http://www.parena.net

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From: madrake-8-install-admin help ximian com
To: parena parena net
Subject: When will Ximian have support for Mandrake 8?

We have no firm date set for our Mandrake 8.0 release announcement. We
will continue to work on this and other as yet unsupported distros
(such as SuSE_7.2) when we are not otherwise busy fixing known bugs in
the software we have already released. Our MDK 8 packages are being
tested this week. We thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest and patience.

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