Altered behavior of Gnome on Red Hat Linux 7.1

I have been running Gnome on Red Hat Linux 6.1 for over one year, and
recently upgraded to RH 7.1.  Now the behavior of Gnome is different.
I run multiple workspaces, each of which has a particular arrangement
that I want to reproduce at each login.

In the earlier version, I could choose the Gnome logout menu, select "Save
current setup" and the session would be saved exactly.  On my next login
each workspace would have the proper applications running in it.

Now the behavior is different.  The option "Save current setup" does cause
Gnome to remember which applications were running.  But they all start
running in the first workspace and all of the other workspaces are empty.
I have to manually move them to the proper place.

How can I get back the old behavior?

Carl G. Riches
Software Engineer
Department of Mathematics
Box 354350			voice:     206-543-5082 or 206-616-3636
University of Washington	fax:       206-543-0397
Seattle, WA  98195-4350		internet:  riches ms washington edu

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