Re: PLEASE HELP: Screen Resolution & modem

> Hi there
> I have a bit of a problem and I was hoping someone would be able to help me
> I am using Red Hat 7.0 and I am quite happy at the moment with the program,
> it seems quite stable and very intuitive.  I must say it is much easier to
> use than Windoze, any version.
> I do have a bit of a problem however.  I am unable to find out how to adjust
> the screen resolution and even when I do all that happens is that the
> virtual screen size increases and the size of the icons, text, etc stays the
> same, all I can do is scroll across virtual screens.
> Please help me as I love this program and I do not want to get frustrated
> with it and have to uninstall it.
This is not really a gnome issue.  From a terminal or console, try running XF86Setup (case sensitive).  Under "mode" you will find the place to configure resolutions.  The highest one you choose will be the default.  You can move through the resolutions by using ctrl-alt (+ or -)
> My other problem is connecting to the Internet.
> whenever I try to connect, the software dials the modem, the modem connects
> to my ISP but then it immediately cuts the connection.  
This is also not a gnome issue, but try this:
as root, edit /etc/resolv.conf
add the lines:
search <your isp>
nameserver <dns#>
nameserver <dns#>    

[your isp shouold provide you w/ 2 dns#'s]

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