Address book component or library

	Hi everybody,

dunno if it's really the appropriate list, but I would like to add
an address book management to my gnome software (GNOME SmsSend) to
be abble to "drag and drop" or create a clist from an address book
component to a text entry in my program.

I just wanted to know how (and what) I can integrate that in my program
(just doesn't want to re-invent the wheel).

I have another development problem with thread/fork and GNOME or
GTK calls. I thought gnome_ui was threadsafe but when I call
gnome_appbar_set_progress in a created thread the UI gets 
frozen. Any hints or pointers to source code using threads and/or
forks to exec background tools and update the main UI and the
progress or status bar ?

Thanks in advance.

	      |	Eric Lassauge                         |
	      |	         ASTRIUM / EADS-G2I           |
	      |	       lassauge mail dotcom fr        |
	      |	     ros_at1 muzillac tls mms fr      |
	      |       |

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