Re: getting my scanner to work, is it possible!?!

* Ed Crossley <ed crossley ntlworld com> [010125 19:11]:
> Sorry for this, i know it's a bit of a generic question but do scanners
> work ok under Gnome? I've recently aquired a PRIMAX Colorado Direct (D600?)
> and would love to use it 
> Can anyone offer some advice as to getting this scanner to work "nicely",

Check the Primax Scanner Driver Project at <>.

You'll have to open the scanner first and check the part numbers of the ICs.
If you are lucky enough to find these part numbers listed in the table of 
supported part numbers at <>, 
you *may* have a chance to get your D600 working. It may also be a good
idea to subscribe to the mailing list of this project.

Regards - Juergen.

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