Re: getting my scanner to work, is it possible!?!

Ed Crossley wrote:

> Hi
> Sorry for this, i know it's a bit of a generic question but do scanners
> work ok under Gnome? I've recently aquired a PRIMAX Colorado Direct (D600?)
> and would love to use it especially with GIMP. Plugging it in to my linux
> box (powered by Mandrake 7.2, sorry!) and switching on, it wasn't detected
> and remains unseen by my computer.

have you checked the hardware compatability to verify it works with linux and
if so have you altered the kernel to accomodate it :)...

my scanner isn't linux safe :)LOL so i wouldn't know what advice to offer to
setup via sane etc.etc other than if its supported under linux to get the
appropriate back/frontend for your scanner...


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