MIME again - found part of solution; another part still missing


Since I sent my mail questioning for help, I hacked a bit on my system.
I think I found the core of the problem (or just the beginning of the huge
part, who knows ;-) ).
When I change MIME-settings in GnomeCC, it creates/changes
~/.gnome/mime-info/user.mime and

In user.keys there are line like
Now it seems that "[de_DE]" is the problem. When I remove it, so that I have
it works. So I think if one could make Gnome to accept the first kind of line
(with de_DE), it should be well. Removing it every time I change MIME settings
isn't that funny ;-)

So any hints on how to make Gnome accept de_DE would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help

Rolf Schaeuble
				UNIX Trix

For those of you in the reseller business, here is a helpful tip that will
save your support staff a few hours of precious time.  Before you send your
next machine out to an untrained client, change the permissions on /etc/passwd
to 666 and make sure there is a copy somewhere on the disk.  Now when they
forget the root password, you can easily login as an ordinary user and correct
the damage.  Having a bootable tape (for larger machines) is not a bad idea
either.  If you need some help, give us a call.
		-- CommUNIXque 1:1, ASCAR Business Systems

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