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> Hi,
> I have problems with MIME and Gnome. When I set the open command for video/mpeg to xmms %f (in ControlCenter), a click on a mpeg file will start xanim, which
> was the former entry in that field. In ~/.gnome/mime-info/user.keys I have an 
> entry for video/mpeg with xmms as command. What can I do do make xmms the
> default opener for mpegs?
> Thanks for your help.
> Rolf Schaeuble

I have found another problem related to this.

In Control Center, in "file types and programs" i added xmms to the list of
programs to show in the context menu for video/mpeg. But if I right-click on
an mpeg-file, xmms isn't shown.
Perhaps both problems are caused by the same thing?

Any help appreciated.


Rolf Schaeuble

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