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Thanks for the info. I am running Slackware 7.1 and I am not certain
version of Gnome I am using. I checked Gnome's About box but it gave me
version information. How can I determine which version I am running?
Would I
be better off just downloading completely new packages from the Gnome

Leonard Smith

Garrett Mickelson wrote:

> Leonard,
> First off, are you running Ximian GNOME (formerly know as Helix
> If you have installed a version (distribution) of Linux and have not
> downloaded Ximian GNOME then you are not running the latest. Most
> distributions have a "branded" version of GNOME, and they are not as
> quick to update them. If you have installed Ximian GNOME, then the
> thing to do is a little known trick called "Recreate Default Icons".
> this by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Recreate Default
> Icons. One of the icons is labeled  Helix GNOME Update, or possible
> Ximian GNOME Update. The icon is that of a cola can, purple in color
> with the Ximian spidermonkey symbol. This program keeps you up to date

> on the latest packages, though there have not been any new updates
> recently. The gang at Ximian is working overtime to get out a new
> packaging scheme. They will release new packages once they work that
> out. If you have already done all this, then you are running the
> As for your question regarding the benefits of GNOME vs. KDE, I'm not
> really qualified the answer this on a technical level, but I will say
> this. As an end user, I find GNOME more customize-able, flexible, and
> powerful. KDE looks good enough, but functionality just ain't there
> me. It is designed to run under it's own Window Manager, as opposed to

> GNOME which works well with several WMs. With GNOME you get a variety
> Panel Applets available, unlike KDE. You can have multiple panels at
> location along the border of your desktop and you can even have
> panels. KDE tries to stay alot closer to the MS Windows desktop
> structure. I assume this is to make migrating a lot easier for Windows

> users, but I think in the end Ximian GNOME will be the desktop of
> choice. Also, Ximian GNOME has the update program, something KDE has
> to do. Anyhow, I defer all other, more technical differences to the
> Ximian team.
> Garrett Mickelson
> On 23 Jan 2001 21:37:35 +0000, Leonard Smith wrote:
> > Greetings!
> >
> > I am a new user of Gnome and I want to know how to determine whether
> > have the most up-to-date version. How can I go about this?
> >
> > Also, I have been using KDE, and I want to determine which is the
> > environment. I realize that this may not be a politically correct
> > question, but I do want to know the benefits of Gnome's approach as
> > opposed to KDE's. From what I have been reading Gnome seems to have
> > larger corporate backing.
> >
> > Thanks for the help and the info.
> >
> > Leonard Smith
> >
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