Re: How do I change the cron?


Stanislav Okhvat wrote:
> Hi!
> Once every day, there is a process that starts and runs exactly one
> minute. In the running processes window, it is called
> /usr/bin/updatedb. Takes about 33% of all resources on a 64 Mb
> machine. Is it vital for the system? Can I exclude it from the list of
> tasks? Is it to be edited in Cron and how?

The program, `updatedb', "updates [the] file name databases used by
GNU locate".  (From what I understand) I'd GUESS it's probably used
when doing searches, on your file system, with the `locate' command
(which I'd guess has a similar role to the `find' command, except
that `locate' uses the database, which `updatedb' creates, to make
the search alot faster).

But doesn't `updatedb' run nightly around 1:00am?  (What are you doing up
at that time :-)  )

(I'm not sure how to change what time it runs at though.  Someone else
will have to help you.)

> Also, does anyone know how to configure right-click file handlers
> under Gnome, such as Open with Emacs... / Open with Gnotepad...?

I'm NOT on a Linux Box right, so someone else will have to

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux
     ckrempea sfu ca

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