Can I made GNORPM recognize my RPM packages in non-standard path?

Hello, everybody
    I had instaled Redhat 7.0 in my PC, and now use the Gnome as my
Xclient. I found GNORPM is a good frontend of rpm, it can show many
useful infomation about the package before I install them. I think it is
better than glint, which I used before.
    But, this apps had a little problem: when I want to install some RPM
package in nonstandard path, such as ~/down/RPMS, I set the path in the
configuration dialog, then I click the INSTALL buttom, but it did not
find them. So how can I solve this problem?
    Any info will be welcome!
    Thank you in advance!
                                                                                          Tao  Yang
Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar 's

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