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Type "uname -a"

That will get you somthing that looks like this:

Linux tachyon 2.4.0 #1 SMP Wed Jan 10 20:38:42 /etc/localtime 2001 i686

Now do an "ls /lib/modules"

There are one or more directories under there with names that look something
like the kernel version you are running (in the case above it's 2.4.0).
Looking down that directory tree you can find out what modules were built
for your kernel. Anything else your system needs is built into the kernel.

The alternative is to install the kernel sources. That will probably be
under /usr/src/linux. Go there and type "make xconfig".
A configurator window will appear and you can browse what's configured.
Don't change anything unless you know what you want and why.


Timothy Murphy wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 12:59:03AM +0100, jens-reimer t-online de wrote:
> > >> So where can I get the configuration of the RedHat 7.0 kernel that I
> > >> am currently using?
> > >
> > >The kernel doesn't store its configuration anywhere.
> >
> > Sure it stores its configuration.
> > Try /usr/src/linux/.config
> Is this file distributed with the RedHat-7.0 kernel sources?
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