[Off topic] Re: CD Burning....

Sean Murphy <murphy erim-int com> writes:


> So where can I get the configuration of the RedHat 7.0 kernel that I
> am currently using?  After that, it seems like it would be pretty
> straightforward to change the specific SCSI options, recompile, do
> the lilo stuff and be off and running.

The kernel doesn't store its configuration anywhere.  There have been
proposals to make this available in some /proc file somewhere, but I
don't think it's been done.  Your best bet is to look in
/usr/share/doc/<package name>, where <package name> is the name of the
kernel image package.  It may be that the configuration gets copied
there.  That would make lots of sense, anyway.

Alternatively, get hold of the source package for the
kernel---presumably that'll have everything necessary for reproducing
the kernel images.  Different distributions do this radically
differently, regrettably.  I've no idea exactly how you'd find this
out for Red Hat.  (Or Debian, for that matter---I always build my own
kernels with my own configuration.)


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