Re: Problems after RH7 upgrade

Well, to start with, RH7 is broken.  They used a compiler snapshot
that is binary incompatible with everything else and has a broken
optimizer.  Also, they used a bad glibc (or maybe the compiler makes
it seem bad) that incorrectly reports the long and word size on Intel
(maybe other) architectures.

I don't have a solution to your helix-update problem.  I always got my
rpms from or built them from the srpms they provide.

Now I've upgraded <wink> to Debian.


On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 09:12:40AM -0500, Poletti, Don wrote:
| Help
| I Had a red-hat 6.2 system that I installed helix-gnome
| and used helix-update to keep it reasonable up to date.
| It was probable a month out of date. I then upgraded with
| with the RH7 disks. I noticed a few things in gnome changed
| which surprised me becasue I thought I add more up to date 
| gnome libraries than what was on the disk. But now Helix-update
| no longer works. It asks me for root's password, (the dialog
| box that does this is newer than what I had) but then it
| disappears and nothing happens. I launched it from a 
| command line and I see what looks like a bad assertion. Sorry
| I don't the info handy, says something about getting to line such-and-such
| and we should never be here. 
| Questions:
| 1) Any seen this or is familar with it.
| 2) Should I forget debugging this and just download and install
| the latest packages? and What packages should I grab? helix-update,
| libs and core?

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