Re: Window List with Gnome and Sawfish

rovitotv stargt com (2001-01-10 at 1423.52 -0500):
> Other Window managers do this like fvwm.  Is this possible with Gnome
> and Sawfish?  I have RedHat 7.0.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Yep, it is. You have to bind the window list (window-menu command) to
a keybinding (it also appear as MB2 over root window / Windows in
default conf, IIRC).

(defun popup-window-list ()
  "Display the windows menu."
  (popup-menu window-menu))

Bind poup-window-menu to a key. You should ask in the Sawfish list to
be sure so you do not hose your config (I did not test the small
config code).


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