gnome latest

I am interested in testing out the pre gnome 2 setup, but I don't know what is
required to do that.  The source files aren't exactly set up so that you know
what is needed and what isn't.  You can't even download the entire "latest"
directory and have everything (namely ORBit is missing)!  There are also things
in the "latest" directory that look unnecissary to the base install of GNOME....but
how would I know for sure since there is nothing anywhere to find that information.

So, if there where a list of files and locations for everything required, recommended,
and optional for a GNOME-unstable install that would be greately helpfull to
anyone interested in testing the platform.  I would alos think a list of the
latest additions to GNOME 1 that are still as yet not officially released and
the files they depend on would be nice.  All I want to do is add bonobo and
gnome-db to my GNOME and I am finding it a little difficult to just find out
what has to be done....each file I download requires something else I have to
download and I don't find that out until I try to compile it....which is annoying.
 I don't know if I can add these things or if I need to install the unstable

So if someone would be willing to make these lists and then post it on the GNOME
site, or put it in the ftp in a findable location I think it would greatly improve
the GNOME experience.

Might also be prudent to put the website of these components in the lists so
that they can be refferenced by the installer; since they are scattered throughout
the net it can be difficult to discover the website for any particular component.


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