Re: File selection dialog

On 05 Jan 2001 20:27:48 +0200, Marius Andreiana wrote:

> Hi
> I have some ideas about improving the gnome file selection dialog.
> A lot of gnome programs have bad file selection dialogs; thinks that
> don't work:

You can actually do most of these things already using the tab key.
However, my understanding is that the current dialog will be rewritten
with a Nautilus component.

> * when entering a directory by hand it doesn't change to that directory,
> instead says
>       it can't open file

hit tab. 

> * every time it opens it is in the current directory, instead of the
> last one it used
>       (by open/save, doesn't matter)
> * some remember the last directory, but only until restarted
> * allow for filtering (*.html)

just hit tab.

> * a button for refresh listing
> What if the default gnome file selection dialog provides these ? The
> problem is
> about remembering directory for each application; try writing in the
> conf file
> for that application (~/.gnome/file) an entry
> file_selection_dialog_directory ?


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