Re: gnomecard

On Thu, 04 Jan 2001 01:05:14 Billie H. Cleek wrote:
>This works great if you're only doing a few files, but for anyone that
>tries to import..say 100 vCard file then it's no longer an efficient
>solution..hence my questions about the directory.

If you have lots of VCF files, just put them all into one big VCF file:

for vcard in `ls *.vcf` ; do
 cat $vcard >> bigfile.vcf
 echo "" >> bigfile.vcf

If you have lots of flat files, then put them all into a single directory
and convert them all like this:

for contactfile in `ls *` ; do
  cat $contactfile | gawk -f gawkscript >> ~/bigfile.vcf

Where "gawkscript" is your custom version of the gawk script I posted. In
either case you can then append all of these at once from within GnomeCard.

Plain text data files are great...

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