Re: GNOME Screen savers????

Fortunately Debian hasn't fallen into that marketing trickery.

I kept waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 00 last year.  Let's
see if they release Windows 31 (read Windows Three One) in 30 years.
It would follow their recent number scheme (Win95 Win98) and have
rather amusing results.  (recall that Windows 3.1 (read Windows Three
One) is obsolete in Windows-land)



On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 10:14:59PM +0000, John Gluck wrote:
> The version numbers of distributions are useless to compare between distributers.
> Because of this msconception, many distriuters decided to try and make their
> version numbers more like others. That is in many cases they look for the highest
> number in current use and make their latest greatest some higher number.
> John

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