Re: Gnome / Enlightenment with Dual head

"Mark R. Bowyer" wrote:

> >From: John Gluck <john gluck sympatico ca>
> >It is possible to get 2 gnome session on running on a dual head system.
> >The only problems I have so far is that the saved session is the same for
> >both screens. Also, one of the screens takes quite a while to start up.


> You've basically solved this problem the only way it's currently possible
> yourself.


> Gnome however was coded with an assumption of one head, and it shows.  There's
> only one place to store the cofig for a screen, so you can set DISPLAY to each
> head and start a new panel, etc, but the setup will be identical for each.

Yep that's exactly what I found.
I browsed the code a bit and couldn't see anything that looked like it used command
line args at all.
The same configi for both screens in not such a bad thing to me. I don't have
special things I want to do with a particular screen anyway. It would be nice if
this was fixed though.

> Since Sun has gotten involved with The Gnome Foundation, I believe this is to be
> fixed in Gnome 2.0 - most every serious engineer in Sun has at least two heads
> these days, if they're not using SunRays (and SunRays can now support 2 heads,
> so that wont last).  But right up to 1.4, Gnome is limited with this.

Gnome 1.4??? I'm confused with this. There doesn't seem to be any homogenous
versioning for Gnome.
I downloaded the entire stable source tree from and built it. There's an
incredible number of different version numbers.
Also, there's no top level build script or configure. I think this is something the
gnome folks should look at seriously. It needs to be fixed before Gnome gets to the
big time.  I don't mean do this for all Gnome apps but it should be done for the
base system.

> What *I* do is run Enlightenment as my main X process, so when I kill that, I
> exit, and then I start up the Gnome Panel on one screen only.  Enlightenment's
> Menu system can include all your Gnome apps anyway (and all your KDE and CDE
> ones if you want) so given the Epplets too, the Panel loses a lot of its
> usefulness anyway.

Yeah, it's true you can easily live without the panel but I like it . I find the
presentation is more appealing than the enlightment panels for switching desktops.
You can also cause the Gnome panel to auto-hide. Anyway... To each his own:-)

> Or you could try Xinerama.  Enlightenment is very good at dealing with the
> double-width screen, so you still get the correct amount of real-estate there -
> the only real difference is that you can drag windows from one screen to the
> other.

I tried out xinerama but maximizing a window splashes it accross both monitors :-(

> Good luck getting your configuration how you like it,
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