colors within gnome for DDD and Nedit

I am new to Linux using Redhat 7.0. workin with a Xterminal via a XDMCP
I was using under Sun machines free software such as DDD and and Nedit
without any color problem
The color setup of these software were set in the .Xdefaults file  for
Nedit and  in the ./ddd/init file for DDD

When i am logged in on a linux machine using gnome  , the prefered
colors of DDD and Nedit can not be allocated ( the following message is
issued : "cannot allocate colormap entry for "color") as if all 256
colors are hogged by gnome itself or as if the .Xdefaults file is not
taken into account in the X server . 
How can this problem be tackled :
	- by reducing the the number of colors used by Gnome : how ?

PS : The Xterminal can only handle 256 colors int its system colormap 

thans for any clue

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