Re: gnome-moz-remote

> On 25 Feb 2001 18:28:59 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 02:39:47AM +0100, Bjoern Ganslandt wrote:
> > > > Just wandering How can i set gnome-moze-remote to use galeon or xxx.
> > > > Anyone knows how can i do it ??
> > > 
> > > gnome-moz-remote only runs netscape, you have to open the controlcenter
> > > and change "Document Handlers/URL Handlers" and "Document Handlers/Mime
> > > Types" to use Galeon or xxx.
> > 
> > At least on Debian (sid) systems, that's not always the case.  It might be
> > something specific to the Debian package, but I haven't looked at the
> > source to find out yet.  Mozilla seems to be preferred to Netscape unless
> > Netscape is already running or Mozilla is not available.  I had to make it
> > think Mozilla wasn't there because the last version I installed was 0.7
> > which broke many things for me.  (Myth hasn't uploaded anything since M18
> > so far and I've not had spare resources for a Mozilla build..)
> I had a look at it, gnome-moz-remote also can run mozilla and you can
> tell it which programm to use via ~/.gnome/gnome-moz-remote:
> [Mozilla]
> filename=mozilla
> As far as I understand it, gnome-moz-remote isn't meant for anything
> else than netscape/mozilla, you should change your system to galeon the
> way I described it.

The reason for this is that gnome-moz-remote uses the Netscape/Mozilla
"remote control protocol" to ask them to open a new window if an instance
is allready running. This avoids reloading the binary (which isn't
possible in any event because of locking issues of control files).

There are two possbilities:

1) No instance is running. In this case it prefers to start mozilla,
   if it's available.

2) If either a netscape or mozilla instance is allready running, it
   will communicate with that instance to open a new window (optionally
   with a given URL). Thus if netscape is allready running, you will
   get another netscape window, even if mozilla is installed.


Jens Petersohn

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