Re: Is there hope?

In <3A8F1D8D 295262C4 mindspring com>, on 02/17/01 
   at 07:55 PM, Robert Schweikert <rjschwei mindspring com> said:

You have to use a bit of common sense in order to build a system from
scratch.  I didn't exactly start from scratch but from a very old
Slackware distro that ran under libc4 (does anyone remember those days?). 
I converted it to libc5, then glibc1/2.0 and finally to the 2.1/2.

Of course you will need to have some sort of system to compile and install
the base setup, if you don't use some distro base to start.

Anyway.  Obviously you need the base system.  SysVinit, glibc, 
util-linux, the kernel, all the *utils* packages from /pub/gnu, lilo. etc.

Then you need the compilers and all the tools that go with them. Make,
automake, autoconfig, binutils, gcc, bison, flex, sed, awk, and optionally
dejagnu, expect.

If  you want to be on the internet, you need some mail setup as well as
netkit and net-tools.

Then you need all the X stuff including ancillary packages like Xpm,
lesstif (or Motif), glib, gtk, and all the image libraries like tiff, png,
gif, and others.

If you run sound, then you need your alsa, pnpconfig, etc.  I haven't
experimented with that, since I use the 4-front OSS programs.

Then lastly, you can start thinking about KDE or GNOME.  

And if you want all the documentation to compile and install
you will need a working tex, and sgml tools setup with all
the style sheets and so forth.

I have the majority of this stuff all working, though I shudder to think
how much time I've spent doing it.

I'm sure I left a lot of stuff out too.


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