Re: dependency problems

On Friday, February 23, 2001 18:56:16 -0600, "Stephen M. Williams" <rootusr midsouth rr com> wrote:
| rpm -ivh packagename.rpm --force

--force is almost never a good idea. Use the minimum necessary to install the package, which in this case is --nodeps; --force makes rpm ignore many conditions which may come back to haunt you later.

An even better solution is to build a fake RPM for the older guile package, so the RPM database is consistent. There are a few scripts which can automate this; check the archives for rpm-list redhat com What this buys you is that things will work correctly when you do a full upgrade (either an OS upgrade or changes with a whole-system-view package manager such as Red Carpet or the RPM port of aptitude). If you fake things now you will find that the next time you do a Red Hat upgrade it will break things and the upgrade might even fail because of the inconsistent database.

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