Re: dependency problems


The dependencies come from the RPMs & RPM uses a database to keep track
of all of the RPMs you've installed on your system.  If you didn't
install guile from RPM, the RPM database won't think it's installed &
give you that error.  If you're positive it's installed and that it's
installed in the proper location, you can force RPM to install the
package like so:

rpm -ivh packagename.rpm --force



On 23 Feb 2001 17:44:34 -0500, David McGlone wrote:
> can anyone tell me where RPM looks for its dependencies? Is it
> /etc/ im using RH 7. My problem is, in order to install
> I need 6. I have on my system. I am positive of it
> by comfirming it with "locate"  which returns
> "/usr/lib/" and "/usr/lib/libguile.6.0.0", but still when I go to
> compile it still says I need 6. I even tried rebooting and that
> didn't work.  rpm keeps giving me an error " is needed by
> gnome-games-1.2.0-9. is there any work around for this?
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