Re: Is there hope?

<quote who="Robert Schweikert">

> Is there a list that provides an order in which packages must be
> compiled to have the best chance of success?

There is one for Gnome 1.2 on the website, in Telsa's FAQ.

> /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `XpmFreeXpmImage'

You have X and the Xpm libraries compiled and installed?

> does any one have any idea whats going on here? Is there a patch that
> fixes th unresolved symbols in

Comment #1: This is *NOT* the fault of what you are compiling - it is the
fault of your distribution vendor not setting up their development
environment correctly.

In this case, that person is... You.

> What and where is obgnome?

obgnome is the Objective C Gnome binding. You have to compile and install it
before compiling Objective C code that uses it.

See Comment #1.

> Failed to write fontmap file (/usr/share/fonts/fontmap).

libgnomeprint-data provides this on my distribution.

> *** libext2fs not found. Check 'config.log' for more details.

Hey - that would mean you need to COMPILE AND INSTALL libext2fs, often
referred to as 'libe2fs'.

See Comment #1.

> but
> # ls /lib/libe*
> /lib/  /lib/

Are the headers and utilities (e2fsprogs) installed with it? If so, are you
directing any software compiling with it to the appropriate place?

See Comment #1.

> *** libext2fs not found. You need e2fsprogs and e2fsprogs-devel

Staring you in the face.

>  If I keep trying to compile stuff I will probably find many more of
> these type of problems.

Yes, that's right.

> Is there a set of stable sources that will configure, compile and
> install consistently?

Yes, you have them right there in front of you. GNOME builds successfully
for *many* people, both distributions and individuals. It is *your*
development environment that is broken, or incomplete.

> I am pissed off with RedHat, my current distribution and am certainly
> willing to put some more time and effort into becomming independent, but
> with all these problems it could take me forever to get there.

Then why are you wasting so much time on this?

> Oh and one more thing. It would be nice if gnome-libs would not depend
> on db-1.85 but would be ported to db-3.2. Not only was it a pain in the
> neck to find the sources for db, db-1.85 does not compile with
> gcc-2.95.2 and one must compile db-3.2 with the backward compatibility
> switch to 1.85.

Patches are accepted.

If you want to build your Linux system from scratch, you honestly deserve
all the wasted time and frustration you get. Yes, I enjoy compiling a lot of
the software I use, but I do it on a stable development platform.

Build upon the work of others, and contribute back. If you don't like
something, send a patch or enhancement. It is *not* the fault of the Gnome
developers that you haven't done the research or work required to compile
Gnome on your system.

- Jeff [ Who just had to get that off his chest. ]

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