Re: Multiple Displays

I have 3 displays, all with different resolutions (center is 1600x1200 and
sides are 1024x768).  I use a program called x2x which works great.  The only
thing is... you cant drag windows from one display to another.  What x2x
does... it allows you to move your mouse from one display to another and pass
mouse clicks and keyboard activity to the remote displays.  It also passes
the xselection to each display to make cut/paste easy.  For more into...
search for x2x.  As far as gnome goes, I created user accounts
for each display and run a gnome-session on each.  It works great.  Hope this
helps you.

Heinke Frerichs wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anybody of you know how to setup GNOME to work with 2 Displays?
> I read in the archive that I have to run "startx -- +xinerama" but I think
> it only accepts equal display settings.
> So how can I use GNOME on two screens with different resolution? I hope
> anybody knows how.
>         -heinke
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