Re: where do initial gmc root window items come from??

 > From: steve rader
 > When a user first logins in to a RedHat 6.1 system with gdm, a
 > ~/.gnome-desktop directory gets populated with files that match up
 > with the icons gmc puts on the root window/desktop:
 >  Home directory  RHerrata  RHgnome  RHldp  RHsupport  fd0
 > I want to hack some systems so that users get a different set of
 > icons during their first login but I can't find the config file
 > to hack.
 > Where does the (default/initial) notion of the gmc desktop
 > icons live??

Well, just after I sent this msg I did

  find /usr -type f -print | xargs grep "Gnome Web Site"

and thus found that gmc under RedHat 6.1 appears to be 
hacked to look in /usr/lib/desktop-links/redhat.links.

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