Re: Fish thing in menu bar,or is it a spider

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 04:01:02AM +1100 or thereabouts, Darryl wrote:
> How do you get rid of the fish looking thing, or is it surposed to be a
> redback spider from a menu bar ( the thing next to the clock on the right
> hand side) ........ but anyway i have no use for the underlying things it
> gives access to so therefore dont want this thing in the menu bar.

What, get rid of Wanda the Gnome Fish? How can you do that? She's even
in the gnome-about credits! More seriously, I'm not sure whether the
fish appears in the menu panel. I don't use menu panels. There -is- a
little spider which is for "web", I believe. 

To get rid of any applet you should be able to right-click on it and
get a list of things to do with it. "Remove from panel" will always
be there.

Some are a little tricky to click on because they want the right-click
to be on a very specific part: you have to look for the little grey bar 
on those and right-click on that. The only example I can think of 
off-hand is gnotes. There may be others. 

If you're actually referring to the menu panel spider which gives you
links to potentially useful sites on the web, I'm not so sure. 


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