Re: Nautilus...

Nautilus does not support Redhat 7 yet. If you want to see all the
features actually work then install
Redhat 6.2
I am personally waiting for Redcarpet.

You probably would have never gotten a reply on this message because the
fact that nautilus isnt
suppoted is pasted all over the nautilus website, but i hate it when
people on this list ignore simple

On 16 Feb 2001 23:00:53 -0800, Michael Weichert wrote:
> I can't download software with eazel's services from Nautilus. Is this not supported yet in PR3? If it is, what could my problem be, I just get an error that package installation failed as it is downloading the package. I use Redhat 7, Helix GNOME, and Nautilus PR3.
> Thanks,
> Would really like to know some answers here. :-)
> MwWizard

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